Una pequeña formalidad (english version)

A small formality

For a couple of months my life has been practically reduced to work and learn (or trying to learn) Japanese, but still I just do not believe that I’ll be there in a few months. I’m going to live with my girlfriend, and as you know, as spaniards we are, we can only stay in Japan up to three months with a tourist visa. If you call the Japanese embassy in Madrid, they will kindly explain to you (as they did for me) the most frequent three options we have when trying to get a longer visa.
1. To study a postgraduate course
2. To contact a japanese company from Spain that bet for you.
3. To get married

It’s amazing how even governmental agencies insist on the option number three, assuming that is the most feasible and advisable choice. Talking about the other two, in my case I don’t have in mind to continue studying (I have my degree and my subsequent studies) and contacting a company from Spain seems very difficult to me , because, although unemployment rates in Japan are ridiculous in relation to ours, there are many companies that do not offer work visa if you have a «non tourist» visa. The snake biting its tail …

In the end, my girlfriend and I decided that I could try with these three months , and although it’s true that legally I can not work with that status, at least a brief but not insignificant stay , will allow me to discover the city,  to get used to spoken Japanese and why not, to have the possibility of contacting any japanese company  willing to bet on me.

I will prepare my demo reel, my portfolio and my desire. Fingers crossed …

Oh, and I will take that title I have, maybe I will be more lucky working as a Spanish teacher…

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